Sample: Winterwind


I found the collection to be very intimate and spiritual. I especially liked Birds in Spring, By the Buddha, Nocturne and O-Bon..I love your playing.

Sharon Robinson





I began recording in the winter. During the winter it is quiet at the monastery. It is a secluded mountaintop location that is hard to get to in inclement weather. Most activities are scheduled for the warmer seasons.




My first sound recordings were of the wind. The sound of the wind is quite prevalent sometimes in the Winter and the harshness and hardiness of wintertime belies a quite beauty and freshness.





It was my listening to the fascinating sound of the wind, a sound we often take for granted, that inspired the first musical selection on the recording, Winterwind.


To reduce the effect of the wind in the microphones, I tried leaving my equipment in the woodshed where it was a little more sheltered. Little did I know that the monks were about to bring in a truck and load it with firewood. I left my equipment there and they discovered it. They considerately moved my recorder so that it would not be destroyed and I subsequently got a recording of them working. I had to cut out some of the material due to the hilarious faux testing of the equipment and the noise of it being moved by the residents. Work practice is called Samu, hence the title of this second track Samu I which is gratefully dedicated to the monks and residents.