Sample: Summer Evening




Roberto Diaz

Principal Violist

Philadelphia Orchestra






Summer is a time of flowers as you can see.  They line the lake and are spread over the grounds.  They compliment the beauty of the landscape and monastery and are a kind of natural offering to the Buddha wherever you find them.







Summer is a few degrees cooler in the mountains as are all the seasons.  The climate then is very comfortable with good fresh air.  It is especially refreshing if you’ve traveled from the city.




The Beecher lake, which during winter was just a field of white is now clean fresh water.  There is a path around it on which you will find the large Buddha statue represented on the cover of my CD Holy Mountain.  To walk, row or swim to the Buddha is enchanting. 





The evenings are very quiet.  As soon as the sun goes down the birds stop singing.  It is so quiet that I recorded quite a few pieces outdoors in the summer.  Summer Evening is one of those pieces.