Sample: Nen


I liked the mood you created in your CD..Your technique is great and it shows. Its a CD which brings a peaceful feeling for the listener.


Thiago de Mello

Brazilian Jazz Musician




In spring everything turns green. It was a particularly lush spring when I was visiting in 1998. In the late winter my practicing the traditional Japanese piece Sakura touched one of the Japanese monks. This piece is about end of winter and the thought of the cherry blossoms coming to bloom.






There is an anticipation of the beauty that is to come tinged with a little melancholy about the passing of the seasons. You can see the life around you as well as the vestiges of the life that has passed.







The birds begin to sing every day and the world is renewed. Preparations are made for the busy seasons and the arrival of visitors, monks, students and practitioners of many disciplines.





I have always wanted to play with the birds and in the past have improvised melodies and rhythms based on their various songs. Track 5 on the Holy Mountain and Track 3 on Return to Mountain are exactly that. They are recordings made live while listening to the Birds in Spring, In the Bonsho.