Sample: Raining Fall


“…it’s a stunning sounding recording and full of feeling.  I’ve listened to it over and over and the sense it gives of the monastery life is incredible!


Len Moskowitz


Core Sound





Fall is such a myriad of colors.  The extraordinary beauty of the landscape is hard to believe without seeing for yourself.  This region of the Catskills is a forest preserve and the diversity of flora is fantastic.





The monastery itself is nestled on the hillside above the lake as you probably have seen from previous photos.  There is a path to the top of the mountain also that will give a tremendous view of the lake and surrounding areas.




I recorded Raining Fall from the porch of the gatehouse during a fall rain taking my cues from the sounds of the wind, rain and rustling leaves.  Samu II was also recorded outdoors as I listened to the monks unloading firewood at the back of the monastery.





Return to Mountain contains a companion sketch to Raining Fall entitled Autumn Wind.




Anthony Bez, classical guitarist and a student of the dharma from the New York City area graced us with a subtle and delicate rendition of ‘Sakura’ in which sound and silence seemed to merge.”


Dharma Connection

fall/winter 1997